If launching your startup feels as complex as rocket science, that's because it IS rocket science! Technology startups have high failure rates because they must overcome the gravitational pull of the marketplace and achieve escape velocity in order to be disruptive. Experienced architects and engineers from the Proteus Group will design, build, deploy and operate an innovative high performance solution specific to your business goals. Consider us your rocket scientists.

Building an experienced well rounded technical group like Proteus takes several years and several million dollars – not to mention the opportunity costs. Getting a reliable set of development and operational processes supported by high performance infrastructure sometimes never happens. Technology changes so quickly that a group experienced in only a few projects over a long period of time finds itself having to rebuild every time something new comes along - never achieving the repeatable processes that can deliver reliable results. All of this is a distraction from actually getting your startup launched and delivering value to your customers and investors.

An expert isn't someone who just knows what to do in a given situation, an expert is a person who knows what NOT to do. That kind of expertise only comes from experience and cannot be taught or learned in a book. Our wide breadth of experience delivering solutions for dozens of projects and technologies brings those capabilities to your organization the day you hire us. Engaging a dedicated Proteus team in fixed two-week long iterations or sprints ranging on average from USD $7600 to $15,000 eliminates these high costs and risks of building from scratch. Pay as you go, no long term commitments required. By your team learning our Agile development methodology and cloud-based operational strategies hands on while building your startup you save a fortune in capital expenses and mis-steps which can go back into building user-facing capabilities that add value to your product. Instant culture and instant karma.

What stage is your startup?

Mission plans and technology decisions depend on what stage your operation is currently in.

Stage 1

Sounding Rocket


1 - 2 iterations

Test a single business case. Can be single use. May need 2-3 attempts. Speed of launch and pivot is more important than other technology considerations.

Stage 2

Reach Orbit

Product Launch

3 – 6 iterations

Product is launched and refined. Delivering real value to actual users in the system. Build from off-the-shelf components but start to quantify disruptive potential through custom efforts.

Stage 3

Escape Velocity

Product Growth

7 - 12+ iterations

Differentiation realized. Challenges now are to scale the system and capitalize on disruption. Highly specialized efforts to push the limits as far as possible while keeping the system on course.