Initially founded in 1995 in Atlanta, GA USA, Proteus Technologies was a technology consulting service headed by Benjamin Scherrey. Generally engaged for innovative or technically challenging projects, the majority of our efforts centered around helping the client build it's own development team and capabilities in house. Wanting to build his own team without the corporate politics and as an experiment to confirm his hypothesis that the lack of innovative Asian software groups was primarily due to the lack of technical career paths, Mr. Scherrey moved to Thailand and built the first development group 100% focused on Agile processes.

The Proteus Group now consists of three organizations plus external partners:

Proteus Technologies

Proteus Technologies Pte. Ltd., founded in 2008, is SEAsia's premiere Agile software development group. Focusing on startup and innovation projects, we primarily build web services using Python/Django on Linux environments for clients around the world. However we are not a one-trick organization and always strive to apply the most appropriate technologies to fulfill the architectural drivers for the project. We've been on the bleeding edge in web services, real-time event/chat & live streaming, mobile systems, telecom, and even big data & mashable statistics. The result is a team of over 20 people who have more technical breadth and experience in delivering cutting edge solutions than most people imagine exist in Asia. Led by two experienced software architects from the United States and United Kingdom, we have a world class offering with a unique value proposition. Our specialty is to help our clients build their own development team and Agile processes as they cooperate with us in building their core products. Once the first release is deployed the client not only has a strong product but also a strong team capable of taking their product forward and in control of their own destiny.

Enhanced CDN

EnhancedCDN is a boutique web systems hosting service for our clients world wide with special capabilities for those trying to do business in under-served markets like SEAsia. The result of an increased demand we've seen from clients that have hired us to create or extend their core business services, we can not only build your system but also operate it as well. Operating a critical online business can be as complex and expensive as building the product offering itself. These operational costs compete with the investment required to build new valuable user-facing features. At least three fulltime staff are required to reasonably provide 24x7x365 support and the cost of developing processes and automated capabilities from scratch are prohibitive for a small firm. Proteus Technologies has built these capabilities for our development clients and offers them through EnhancedCDN to the rest of the world. The ROI for hosting with EnhancedCDN and having our experienced team, who, unlike other commodity hosting firms, is also intimate with how your software operates is unbeatable.

Then there are clients who are trying to break into emerging markets like SEAsia but find these markets under served when it comes to hosting facilities, international data routing and enhanced services like virtual cloud hosting and content delivery networks. The choices come down to big names with big price tags like Akamai, or haphazard companies without enough experience or expertise to be able to offer an SLA. EnhancedCDN addresses these issues through it's partnership with a world-wide aggregate CDN of 7 leading CDN companies in addition to our own privately developed and owned assets presently in Thailand and soon to be expanded to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA and Amsterdam. We offer an enhanced services CDN capability with resiliency and performance unmatched by any other, plus we have our own assets in place right where your target users live – including China. EnhancedCDN is a fully owned division of Proteus Technologies which we expect to spin off in 2014 or early 2015.

Proteus Agility

Proteus Agility came about as a response to our own need for a better Agile project management tool and a growing demand for Agile consulting and coaching in SEAsia. Eidos is our own SCRUM-oriented project tracking tool designed to scratch our own itch. Finding nothing in the market that met our needs and trying to implement Agile processes with remote clients we created an internal tool to meet those needs. With requests for non-development related Agile consulting & training, we decided to spin off a new company that would focus on this business and give our product the focus it needs to become a viable commercial offering. Eidos is presently available as a beta service for anyone interested and our experienced Agile team is available for consulting independently or in cooperation with our development team world wide.