UK Outdoors Fitness Group

Initially a legacy system inherited from another company, the Client's operations were originally run on a custom Microsoft Access project on Windows that they had long outgrown. We architected and executed the initial migration from Access to Python and finally moved the entire thing to Linux and cloud computing. It's now entirely build as a set of RESTful web services, scales much larger, and is constantly adding new features and capabilities.

The system is an ERP/CRM handling payroll for about 800 instructors & supporting staff across more than 100 parks. We plan, develop, deploy, and operate every aspect of Client's IT backend services except for their main web site - which still links to some APIs which we expose. We process automated and manual billings for over 15,000 active customers. There are 820 frequent users plus 15,000+ customers who access their accounts via the CRM portal we expose via the main home page. We also perform store/shop, fitness tracking, UI, subscriptions (direct debit), and instructor tracking across multiple web services and integrate with 4 major external services plus credit card clearing.

International Teacher Recruiting Service

Client is a recruiting firm for International School Curriculum specializing in Asia and the Middle East. The founder has very strong ethical concerns about the teaching and recruiting industry having been a long time player in the space and decided last year to start her own. Her passion for the business is pretty contagious and the team really responds well to working with her even though client and their user base is pretty tech illiterate (as they will be the first to tell you). Being a small startup they needed a system that was highly automated and easy for non-technical teachers and school administrators to use. We built the entire system front to back for her in a few months with a small team on a very limited budget. They've basically got a simple search & CRM system. Their email system presently has basic integration with Mandrill which we are currently expanding. Recently private video integration for both Schools and Educators was added. For such a new and small operation, they are certainly making a big splash online thanks to the capabilities delivered by Proteus.

Exclusive Beach Hotel Property Travel Site

Client is a travel website that only shows hotels physically on a beach around the world. They have nearly 8000 hotels which they have personally mapped out with GPS, documented with photos, and written unique custom content not only about the hotels but their surrounding beaches and areas. The project was a troubled legacy system where the client had a very bad experience with their prior development group. We've done serious improvements and refactoring to the backend and are just now getting to be able to address front end issues like load speed and look & feel. Recently we integrated the Priceline booking engine, added full text search and improved their mapping integration as well as replaced a very broken Joomla/PHP CMS with a custom Python system we developed on top of some strong Open Source toolkits which is much faster with a simpler workflow for article publishing. We're about to add video capabilities and several other front end user facing features. Owner comes from a publishing background and is getting ready to do a major marketing campaign that will push a lot of traffic to the site so we're working on improving it's resiliency, performance, and capacity.

Statistical Research & Consulting Firm

Client was an analytics company founded by a well known founder, a pretty smart stats consultant guy. He was hired by companies to build their analytics systems for them and determined that there was a lot of fundamental redundancy in what he was having to build so he hired us to architect and produce a set of RESTful services that exposed his algorithms as well as the source and resulting data sets via standard HTTP interfaces. Normally such content is formatted in a manner that only stats people could understand and access but now anyone who knew any basic web tools was able to create mashups that manipulated this data and exposed functions however they liked so Olly's efforts were now more readily accessible throughout the client organization and the resulting value delivered was greatly enhanced. This worked so well for him that his company was acquired by a wellfunded provider of customer experience solutions and we are now in talks with follow up work with them. This project is particularly interesting because it demonstrates that the medium by which computing services are delivered, in this case RESTful web services, can have as much influence how it gets utilized and leveraged as the actual content and functionality itself. Implementing your backend systems in a similar manner rather than a single monolithic code base will have a radical impact on the ROI of your development investment. This was the first client that really got a chance to build something from our architecture and since then we've added a lot of new capabilities that your firm will benefit from. This was also another particularly fun client as the founder really appreciated our Agile methodology and even though we never met in person we had a great collaborative relationship that was very much enjoyed by both him and the team. I think this also had a positive impact on how much value the client was able to derive from our work together. We look forward to working with them again soon.

Real-time Music Collaboration System for Musicians

Client is a unique webservice and downloadable application that allows musicians to jam together over the internet in real-time but keep their music in sync as if they were in the same studio together. They can also record their sessions, up to 4 tracks at a time, and produce better than CD quality mix downs of the resulting tracks. After a few false starts and pivots before meeting Proteus, Client has 3 patents for this technology which Proteus helped to implement. Proteus did all of the backend system composed of more than 15 RESTful services include a real-time chat/event/collaboration system that can scale to 100,000+ simultaneous users. Proteus also integrated and improved the front-end installable application for Windows and OSX environments to bring a better quality sound and real-time experience to the users. System has been used by musicians and producers who have been or current remain members of famous acts such as Bettte Midler, Def Leppard, Yes, and Barry Manilow. Proteus build an initial demo system for the client which was featured in a few high profile conferences in China, Singapore, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles and also helped the client raise follow on funding.