Benjamin Scherrey

Benjamin Scherrey

Founder & Chief Systems Architect

Benjamin Scherrey started his first business in 1989 quite by accident. Known for being able to deliver complex computing systems into operation under tight deadlines with high reliability; I discovered that most of me efforts were focused on building the development model, team and infrastructure rather than actual programming. Since then I have built software development groups for other companies around the world until finally starting my own, Proteus Technologies. My focus is on identifying strong talent and carrying fresh concepts to implementation.

As an architect, I introduced Agile processes and methodologies to companies around the world. I've architected and built real-time, event-based, and web-based systems that have scaled to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users and processes billions of dollars of transactions. As a consultant, I focus on helping bridge the communication gap between business requirements from management’s perspective and the impact of technological decisions by development staff using general systems methods.

My technical qualifications span numerous hardware architectures, operating systems, and programming languages, as well as design and development methodologies. I have been featured in many periodicals including the Wall Street Journal, VAR Business, Byte, Communication Week, Computer World, industry reports by IDC and several Internet-based conferences. I have served in both management consultant and technical capacities to companies including Thomson Reuters, Scientific Games International, IBM, CSX, GE Capital, Borland International, CibaVision, Ericsson, Harris DTS, and H.B.O. & Company.

Kirit Sælensminde

Kirit Sælensminde

Partner & Software Architect

Kirit is a Software Engineer and specializes in object oriented methodologies, design and development; multi-paradigm software development techniques; multi-threading and concurrency issues and implementations; teaching and mentoring. He does everything from low level device driver code to full system architecture design and requirements capture.

Kirit mostly writes software in Python, C++, JavaScript, SQL, Objective C and ActionScript and at the moment writes a lot of Django code. As well as high and low level server code Kirit writes mobile applications for Android and iOS and cross platform desktop code. Kirit has been programming since 1983.

Kulawat Wongsaroj

Kulawat “Pom” Wongsaroj

CEO Proteus Agility Co. Ltd

Kulawat Wongsaroj is an Agile coach turned entrepreneur trying to solve the world problem of inhumane Agile project collaboration tools. In the quest for the best agile tool, none was uncovered so he found Proteus Agility in Thailand with the mission to build Eidos, the humane software for humans. Kulawat is also actively coaching and training Agile to various enterprises such as True Money and startup incubators such as AIS The Startup, SIPA Angel in The City and True Incube.

Prior to the startup & coaching life, Kulawat has been doing software development, project management, and consulting for various enterprises such as Thomson Reuters, Siemens, DTAC, Hutchison, Telecom NZ, Telstra in Thailand, US, Australia and New Zealand.

Kulawat is the lead translator of Agile Manifesto Translation project for Thai language and also the founder of, the largest Agile community in Thailand. He was a major contributor in key Agile tech conferences in Thailand such as Agile Thailand and Agile Tour Bangkok. He regularly preaches about Agile in Thailand tech gathering and conducts Agile training for Thai software companies.

Sinaporn Suebvisai

Sinaporn “Pam” Suebvisai

CTO Proteus Agility Co. Ltd

Sinaporn Suebvisai graduated her bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from Chulalongkorn University and her master of science from the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

She started working at Thomson Reuters Software (Thailand) in 2004 in the desktop client team of the Reuters Messaging team. Reuters Messaging is a secure instant messenger built for financial clients. The desktop client was built using C++ language at the time. Sinaporn joined Reuters Software (Thailand) as a junior developer, and left in 2008 as a development group leader.

Sinaporn joined Proteus Technologies as a senior developer/team lead and an agile coach. She also trains and coaches agile for external teams. Since she joined Proteus Technologies, she has delivered more than 10 web development projects using Python/Django technologies.

In 2012, she co-founded Proteus Agility which is a spin off of an internal project management product into a startup, and currently is the Chief Technology Officer of the company.

Mishari Muqbil

Mishari Muqbil

CEO Proteus Ops

Mishari Muqbil has been working in the tech industry since 1994 with experience ranging from programming, architecting and maintaining systems for organizations such as Open Development Mekong, POP Network, Kantana Animations Studios, Malaysia's Multimedia Development Corporation, Thailand's Software Industry Promotion Agency and others.

Mishari joins Proteus as CEO of Proteus Ops, a boutique hosting company.

Grit Nirundornkulchai

Grit “Eddy” Nirundornkulchai

Senior Software Team Lead
Back End Specialist

Graduated from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in Information Engineering and master degree at National Taiwan University in Computer Science.

During his master's study, his research interest focuses on real-time web-based system utilization to improve student learning experience and communication between teacher and students.

When he came back to Thailand, he started his first job in one of leading Thai financial software companies responsible for adapting object-oriented technology to design domain model in order to generate reusable components which are sharable among the projects and also utilize iterative development process to deliver company's products.

Because of his interest in Agile development and his ambition to work on more challenging and creative projects, he decided to move to Proteus technology and now he is the person who responsible for implementing search technology in many company's projects.

Tanawat Tassana

Tanawat “Amp” Tassana

Senior Software Team Lead
Front End Specialist

Tanawat Tassana is a veteran web developer who has deep understanding in front-end web technologies, especially in JavaScript. He has experiences in developing complex front-end system using various JavaScript libraries and frameworks, for example, jQuery, ExtJS and AngularJS, including developing his own JavaScript library to leverage front-end development for a financial product.

He has quality-first mindset so he has used many test frameworks such as JasmineJS, SinonJS, PhantomJS and Karma test runner. He uses Test-Driven Development technique on an everyday coding basis.

Working with HTML and CSS for nearly 10 years gives him strong understanding in all major components of web development. He has been using SMACSS to structure CSS into scalable form which is very helpful in complex front-end system.

He is also an Agile coach who has experiences in coaching many software development teams of different natures; enterprise, startup, student. He has worked as a staff and also contributes as a speaker in all major Agile conferences in Thailand.

In the past, he has worked with a leading Thai financial software company for four years where he was working on an enterprise system, which is being used in most banks in Thailand, before moving to Proteus Technologies in late 2012.

He graduated from department of Computer Science, Thammasart University with first-class honor.